About Me

Heart disease is a problem in my family as my dad started having heart attacks in his late-40’s. He also fought cancer and later died of a stroke. I had terrible numbers for cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and blood pressure. I had 4 of the 5 markers for metabolic syndrome. When I became aware of the Freiburg results, I started taking the Peak Performance Pack. In two years, I had none of the indicators of metabolic syndrome.

I’ve also had seven bouts with melanoma; none advancing beyond stage 2 cancer. After a third friend died from melanoma, I researched what possibly kept my cancer from spreading while others I knew weren’t as fortunate. Research yielded a study offering information on keeping C-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation) below 10 mg/L greatly decreased the chance of disease progression and increased the survivability rate. The results of the Freiburg Study on the Peak Performance Pack indicated that C-reactive protein decreased for everyone by 21.3% and 34.1% for those with elevated levels. I asked my doctor to test my CRP. My result was 1.4 mg/L, well below the melanoma threshold in the study and even below the Mayo Clinic’s 2.0 mg/L for lower risk of heart disease.

The medical improvements were not my only beneficial results of the Peak Performance Pack. I live minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. I can now run up and down mountain trails in a couple of hours that most labor all day to hike. Though not an athlete, during the past year I have competed against athletes decades younger. I ran the Mount Evans Ascent (the highest paved road race in North America – 14.5 miles from an elevation of 10600 feet up to the summit at 14264 ft.); the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Ultimate Stair Climb – an hour to run up the stairs of Denver’s 56-floor Republic Plaza as many times as possible, mine was 4 times; and I ran the Bolder Boulder 10K four minutes faster than I did 18 years ago at age 40! The Peak Performance Pack literally has helped add years to my life and life to my years.