I'm Gary Stark - The Old Mountain Goat

I'm Gary Stark, the Old Mountain Goat of age 58. I have lived in Estes Park since 1985. Living just minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park for so long, it was hard getting on new hiking trails. I didn’t have any more time to hike, so I needed to increase my pace, so I started jogging and then running the trails. When I was running up a trail and bounding on the rocks past some resting hikers, one of them commented, “Look at that old mountain goat run!” The name “Old Mountain Goat” stuck.

My dad started having heart problems in his upper 40's. In the last four years, I've gone from an old, out of shape 196 pound weakling to a 168 pound somewhat agile mountain goat who can run up the trails. I had high blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels, but have improved all of my numbers tremendously in a couple of years. As most trainers will tell you, it is 80% nutrition and 20% training. I am a certified fitness nutrition coach now and have done the research to get myself in shape. Find out what keeps this Old Mountain Goat feeling younger and competing younger.